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Soracuna, Bardolino Classico, Villa Calicantus, Verona, Italy, 2019

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The wine is a deep and dark ruby colour. Unfiltered and unfined, this is an earthy and rustic expression of the local grapes and a naturally made wine to provide a juicy and quaffable food-friendly red. Medium-full bodied, you will see the wine has intense aromas of red and dark fruits,  hints of fresh and also maraschino cherries. Layered in profile, the finish is complemented with earthy notes, spices to a moreish lip-smacking finish. This is a naturally made wine and it is alive! Drinking immediately after opening you will get a real ‘zing’ in the mouth; it will benefit from being opened or decanted for 20 minutes so that it gets time to open, breathe and settle and show its best before enjoying!