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Who We Are

The mission at 28 Market Place, which includes Market Bakery and Somerton Wines, is to provide exceptional, quality food and wine with warm, genuine service.  Our menus reflect our environment, the seasons and our backgrounds. We understand that the world is on the cusp of losing small producers and farms and believe it is essential for all people, from all walks of life, to eat for pleasure as well as health and to keep traditional, time-honoured methods of growing and cooking food part of our collective culture.  We support growers and farmers whose mission is quality over quantity, who tend to our fragile earth by growing heritage fruits and vegetables, as well as raising native breeds of pigs and cattle.  We support regenerative farming practices and look forward to supporting more farmers moving towards this style of farming.  Our fish is certified sustainable and either Cornish or Scottish.  We make the most of quality Somerset dairy, too, particularly in our gelatos.